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" DPH's Music & Arts has developed the revolutionary PE-2 Piano Pedal Extender...
The PE-2 represents a breakthrough improvement over old-fashioned pedal extenders."__PRODUCT NEWS, MUSIC TRADES

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Dr. Ping Hu, the Inventor
PE-2 Piano Pedal Extender, a station of 2-pedal extention and adjustable footstool, works for those young students who are too short to reach the floor and piano pedals when sitting properly. It stands prominently an EASY to USE efficiency and convenience for not only students' learning, but also teachers' in-studio teaching, and not only for daily practice, but for on-stage performances as well.

It is so profitable that young piano students learn the pedal at their early levels. Some years ago, as a piano teacher myself, I started to seek such kind of device for my students and myself (in-studio use), and I found several brands indeed. Unfortunately, none of them had ever met my expectations. I couldn't use those for my in-studio teaching, because, first, it took me too much time to install, remove, and adjust heights and positions. Second, to me and my students, those pedal extenders didn't function right in terms of mechanic aspects. It's a shame that I couldn't use those for my teaching, and consequently, many of my young students had no chance to learn the pedals at their valuable ages. But we have to do something about it. That's right. Some best engineers and I myself started working on this project in 2002.

Through a long period of researching, designing, and practical testing, PE-2 Pedal Extender has simply proved to be the finest of the same kinds, according to virtually all teachers and students who have ever had chances to compare it with others.


- Works for ALL models of all types
 of the
- Set up and remove in just
- A wide adjustable range of
 footstool with a free scale
 of heights

 Not only going upward to enough height, but going downward to a POSSIBLY LOWEST POSITION close to real piano pedals as well, thus, providing the use to WIDE VARIETY OF STUDENTS from different ages, and a LONGEST TIME OF ITS USE for one having it
 NO FIXING GRADUATION in heights-serving with any comfortable foot-resting positions


- Sensitive and smooth operation
 Connecting to the piano pedals with ROLLERS-an exclusive device!
- Anti-sliding devices
 allowing the
 extender stay firm
 even on the hard floors

 RUBBER FEET plus propper body weight
- Strong and endurable
Main bady made of HIGH-STRENGTH STEEL and pedals with GENUINE COPPER
- Comfortale foot

 High quality thick/solft LEATHERETTE on the foot-resting board
- Easy to carry
 PORTABLE-student's family can help bring it to teacher's studio for lessons or to  

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                                      Emily Bear, internationally acclaimed young pianist and composer. See her stunning performances on YouTube or www.emilybear.com


              Main body                                                          high-strength steel
              Pedals                                                               genuine brass
              Foot board padding                                         high quality thick leatherette
              Rollers (exclusive device)                              nylon
              Feet                                                                    rubber
              Foot board                                                        15"3/4 x 12"3/4
              Weight                                                               13.4 lbs
              Adjustable range                                             2.5" - 8"
              Available colors of foot board pads              black, mahogany